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Vehicle Orientation
and Client Check-in

Touring and
Welcome to Cruise America & Cruise Canada's online training site!
Cruise America are North America’s largest renter of Recreational Vehicles (RV's) aka motorhomes. From our HQ in Phoenix, Arizona we distribute over 4500 rental motorhomes to over 46 international rental stations throughout North America. With over 50 years experience in the RV rental business and a fleet of RV’s custom built to our specifications with the rental market in mind, we are the number 1 option for motorhome rentals.
By embarking on and completing this training you will be well equipped to take advantage of being able to confidently sell and promote this wonderful way of exploring. This type of vacation offers real flexibility and freedom to truly explore the great outdoors and wonders that North America has to offer and it is probably much easier than you have imagined, we believe in keeping it simple.
Whether you have selling motorhome vacations for some time or whether you are new to offering this product we are sure you will find our series of online training modules informative and useful. Once you have completed all 3 modules you will be awarded your Cruise America & Cruise Canada online specialist Bronze certificate in recognition.